2014 Looking for LOHAS Talents-The “working holiday” Program of Gold Museum

Since the grand opening in 2004, the Gold Museum has been dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the mining cultural heritage in the Shuinandong-Jinguashi-Jiufen area. On a continuing basis, the aim of the program is to enhance the networking between local features and environmental resources and to fully present the integration of mining cultural heritage and history in the area. In August 2012 the Gold Museum has firstly introduced the concept of “working holiday”, all the “LOHAS Talents” are invited to join the program in Jinguashi, which is one of the world-class landscapes in Taiwan. The program provides free accommodation in a Japanese Style Dormitory area. By joining the program all the LOHAS Talents can experience the atmosphere and the lifestyle in the old mine mountain through the interaction with the local artists. This program will be launched again next year, in order to revitalize the old village and promote cultural and art development in the triangular area of Shuinandong-Jinguashi-Jiufen. The selected artists are welcome to choose any one of three periods to explore the festivities, creative works of the local artists and the full series of museum events in the area. The program aims to bring the visiting artists a …

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The Rainbow Initiative-Funds for Collaborative Cultural Projects

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) is launching the Rainbow Initiative—Funds for Collaborative Cultural Projects, which has a multi-national focus; it entails the participation of parties from both the Republic of China (Taiwan) and other nations. This project will stimulate the creation of lively, multidisciplinary cultural creations by the private sector and bolster international ties. Applicants with single or multi-year plans may apply for up to about USD$333 thousand in MOC funding. While applicants must be Taiwan-based organizations, foreign groups are welcome to seek out eligible funding recipients with whom to partner on a project. For application please visit

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Taipei Cultural Center is delighted to present Desig-In:the exhibition of the contemporary moon shape fan. Design is an important part of the society. It can stand alone as an individual art form. In addition, it can be a crossover art form integrated with all kinds of modern and technological product. In so doing, the quality of the product is improved and the value is increased. Design, therefore, becomes vital for creative industry. In this exhibition, prominent designers are invited to design images for the moon shape fan by embodying the rich, significant Taiwanese culture such as the natural, cultural sceneries and heritages. The image reflects the integration of the profuse cultural meanings and designer’s style and observation. Their design gives the traditional and ornamental moon shape fan modernity, innovative look and aesthetic, and meanwhile carries out the Taiwanese imagery and cultural values. These works are on loan from the TGDA (Taiwan Graphic Design Association), which has continuously urged Taiwanese designers to donate their efforts to exalt literature and originality of Taiwan. Taipei cultural Center of TECO in New York has been actively bringing Taiwan’s cultures to North America and strengthened cultural promotion considerably since 2002. We cordially invite you to …

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AIR Taipei has two residency locations, Taipei Artist Village (TAV) and Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV). Taipei Artist Village is a four-story building located in the heart of Taiwan’s vibrant Governmental District in Taipei City. Secluded within a tranquil garden, this renovated public office building that once belonged to the Taipei City Department of Public Maintenance and Construction is breathing new life into bustling downtown Taipei. Since the establishment of TAV, the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs has actively launched the artist-in-residence program as well as artist exchange programs with other international artist residency centers in different cities across the globe. Located along the Xindian River in Taipei City, Treasure Hill Artist Village was listed in 2004 as the first “historical architectural community” by the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs. The unique location of Treasure Hill with its narrow alleys and stairways snaking across the hillside gives THAV the feeling of a rural village. Over the years, various groups settled on the hillside with their own lifestyles and needs, creating a tribal-like organic scene. Joining together with the original residents, the city’s policy of preservation and revitalization, the Artist-in-Residence program and the Traveler’s Hostel all aim to achieve …

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NARS Foundation International Artist Residency Program 2013 – 2014

The NARS Foundation International Artist Residency Program provides national and international artists with the advantage of creating new work while engaging with the vibrant arts community in New York City. Artists-in-residence have access to an individual studio space and various professional development programs, including studio visits, artist talks, and workshops, as well as opportunities to share their work through exhibitions and an open studios event.  Applications must be submitted by Friday, April 5, 2013. The 2013 Season II (US Based Applicants) and 2014 Season I (International Applicants) Guidelines are currently available through our website. Please note that the application form will be made available in March.

 To apply, please visit our website:

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The Taitung County Government is offering the chance for artists from all over the world to take part in the Austronesian International Arts Award 2012. With the enthusiasm and inspiration echoing that of the Austronesian spirit, the competition is open to all artists regardless of ethnicity or nationality. The word “Austronesian” comes from the anthropological term “Austronesian language family.” It refers to ethnic groups that live on islands in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. The family has a large number of Austronesian languages and ethnic origins with pure and clean scenery containing multi-cultures in their inhabited areas. Taiwan has a high population density of Austronesian ethnic groups as well as the most diverse tribes. In addition to the 14 aboriginal tribes recognized by the government, there is also the Pin-Pu tribe that is said to have been influenced most by the Han Chinese at a very early stage. It is therefore that Taiwan has been suggested by some scholars to be the homeland of the Austronesian language family. Recognizing excellence in all areas, the Austronesian International Art Award 2012 celebrates the richness of art by setting NO specific theme. All artists worldwide are encouraged to enter the competition, expressing …

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Established in 1998, TIDF is a biennial event held in the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Taichung, Taiwan. The 8th TIDF will take place from October 19 to October 28, 2012. Programs include International Competitions, Non-Competition Programs, Master Classes and Workshops. Documentaries of any length and form completed after July 1, 2010 are eligible for competition at 2012 TIDF. Three types of international awards are presented in the Festival. International Feature-Length Documentary (over 70 mins) Grand Prize : 1 film; 10,000 USD, Merit Prize: 2 film; 6,000 USD, plus a certificate and a trophy each. International Mid-Length?Short Documentary (under 60 mins) Grand Prize : 1 film; 5,000 USD, Merit Prize: 2 film; 2,500 USD ,a certificate and a trophy each. Asian Vision Award All Asian films of any length or those that aimed at Asian themes selected in Competitions and Non-Competition Programs will be considered. Besides, TIDF also runs non-competition programmes, in this edition, we especially focus on the following 2 sections: The Green Section Topics related to ecology, globalization, social systems, political situations. Anything that is green, going green or wannabe green. Multifaceted Section Works that bordered between fiction and nonfiction, moving images and films; experimental yet carry …

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Application Deadline: 20.05.2012 AIR Taipei offers 2 sites for international artists to develop and conduct their projects of art at Taipei Artist Village(TAV) and Treasure Hill Artist Village(THAV) in Taipei City, Taiwan. TAV locates in the city centre where the artists can easily access and expand their network. THAV sits in the unique conservation area with a cluster of historical buildings and artists get the privilege to explore in the communal village of arts and heritage. Artist-in-Residence Fellowship 1: AIR Taipei International Artist in Residence (Open to all nationalities except the Republic of China/Taiwan.) Fellowship 2: Special Project – Artists from Sister Cities of Taipei (Please refer to the guideline for the list of sister cities.) Application through email is NOT acceptable. Should you have any further inquiries about artist-in-residence, please email ; or contact +886 2 3393 7377 ext. 208 Click here to download application Click here to download proposal

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