Li Ang and her “Lost Garden” with the Translators: Sylvia Lin and Howard Goldblatt

Time: 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM, Wed, Jan. 20, 2016 Location: C.V. Starr East Asian Library Reading Room, 300 Kent Hall, Columbia University Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan and Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York, C.V. Starr East Asian Library, and Columbia University Press The discussion and lecture is open to the public with novelist Li Ang and translators Sylvia Lin and Howard Goldblatt. Co-sponsored by the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University Press, the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University. Columbia University Press is one of the best sources for interesting works from East Asia, such as Atlas by Kai-Cheung Dung or Horses, Horses, In the End the Light Remains Pure by Hideo Furukawa. In fact, since 2008, they’ve brought out twenty-four works of fiction and poetry from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, and India. That’s a much better record for diversity than any commercial press. Li Ang is also the author of the award-winning The Butcher’s Wife. A prolific writer and astute social critic, she was honored by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication with its Chevalier de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres …

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(中文) 臺灣文學館受贈《文薈》雜誌,華文作家協會王鼎鈞等文學前輩齊聚臺北經文處觀禮

8月21日下午兩點半,華文作家協會會長趙俊邁先生將全套《文薈》雜誌捐贈國立臺灣文學館,由駐紐約臺北文化中心主任游淑靜代表受贈。資深作家王鼎鈞、趙淑俠、趙淑敏、施叔青、周勻之,以及已故文學批評家夏志清先生的夫人王洞女士均蒞臨臺北經文處發表感言,現場並有數十位文友出席觀禮,場面溫馨。   北美華文作家協會成立於1990年,在美加地區共有26個分會約2,000名會員;文學前輩琦君、夏志清、王鼎鈞、鄭愁予、趙淑俠、趙淑敏……等,皆為該協會的會員。《文薈》雜誌即為北美華文作家協會的會刊,2003年由該會秘書長石語年女士獨力編輯出版,以雙月刊的形式發行;係華語文學中水準甚高之純文學刊物。知名作家夏志清、王鼎鈞、馬克任、劉墉、趙淑俠、趙淑敏、叢甦、張純英、周芬娜,以及紐約作家協會會員、社區文友……等,皆曾在這本雙月刊中留下其雋永之作。從黑白到彩色印刷,《文薈》雙月刊見證了北美華文創作的時代變遷,自2003年至2009年9月,在《文薈》出版長達6年的時間裡,共計出版33期。值得一提的是,趙俊邁先生並在捐贈典禮中捐出夏志清先生與琦君女士與趙會長談論《文薈》雜誌的書信手稿,是難能可貴的海外華文文學珍貴史料。   多年以來,《文薈》創辦人石語年女士為在僑社推行華語文學,除致力協會會務,並於2006年創辦文藝講習班「文薈教室」,為學員講授小說、散文、詩、書法、繪畫……等等,為僑社地區開啟文學藝術之風。在石女士於2014年9月辭世後,為紀念她對海外華語文學推廣的貢獻,北美華文作家協會特將全套完整蒐藏的《文薈》雙月刊贈予「國立台灣文學館」,除豐富了該館有關海外文學創作館藏,更為臺灣文學研究提供了一份不可多得的文獻。   文化部所屬國立臺灣文學館為臺灣第一座國家級的文學博物館,除扮演蒐藏、保存及研究臺灣文學的角色外,10餘年來更透過展覽、活動、推廣教育等方式,使文學能親近民眾,帶動文化發展。

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Poetry event by Zheng Chouyu tour to New York (May 1-5)

Taipei Cultural Center is pleased to announce that our “When Modern Chinese Poetry Meets Music: Talk by Poet Zheng Chouyu” event will come to New York City from May 1 to 5. Prof. Zheng is a famous poet from Taiwan and had taught at Yale University from the seventies until 2004. There have been many translations of his poems which also feature in school text books in Taiwan and Hong Kong. His works are praised as the most successful combination of classical Chinese imagery with European Modernism. In this event, Prof Zheng will talk about the development of modern Chinese poetry and the connection between his poetry and music. Free admission. RSVP required. Please register here. (Please do not reply to this email.) Time: 2pm, May 5 Venue: Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office, (1 E42nd Street, NY, NY10017)

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